A Disney Bride’s Favorite Wedding Moment

By Sarah

I, of course, think everything about a Disney Wedding is just amazing. I couldn’t possibly pick just one part.

The most intensely emotional moment was the walk from the bride’s vestibule to the Wedding Pavilion doors. I had heard the stories before and seen so many past brides’ pictures. Nothing prepared me for the build-up. I heard the music inside and as I stood there with my Dad, just waiting, it was incredible. The moment those doors woooshed opened and the cool breeze hit me…I started crying.

It was powerful.


2 thoughts on “A Disney Bride’s Favorite Wedding Moment

  1. I will always love your version of this story. I remember sitting with you, Kathy and Jess a few weeks before my wedding and hearing all three of your stories concerning this very moment. I had all of you in my mind when that moment came for me. It was so overwhelming and just plain perfect. Like time stopped for that one second when the doors whipped open and the light of the pavilion came gushing in. All eyes on the bride, showtime!

    • That’s exactly how it felt Gina. I’m sure every bride experience that on her wedding day. But the whoosh of those doors is just impressive.

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