Trends We Love: Colorful Shoes

The days of brides searching shoe stores high and low for the perfect pair of white wedding shoes are long gone.  The latest hot wedding trend is adding a splash of color to your feet.

More and more brides are incorporation their wedding colors into their shoes, from subtle soft blues to more vibrant pinks and even black.

Even the grooms are getting in on the color splash fun with matching socks.

We think adding a touch of color to your shoes is a fun way to personalize your wedding day even more.

Have you worn colorful shoes on your wedding day? Any planning brides out there thinking of trying this trend?

 Tell us what color you will be wearing and why.

And please join the fun on the Disneymooner forums.


6 thoughts on “Trends We Love: Colorful Shoes

  1. How great Paula! I’ve seen several weddings with boots worn and I always think they look very comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

      • All the more reason to do a vow renewal! I think this trend is a lot of fun and a great way to show personality yet still get a traditional look.

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