DFTW Update: Booking a Disney Wedding?


Are you looking to book a Disney wedding?  If so you may, like me, have been confused lately on the current policy regarding when you can  contact the Disney Fairytale Weddings Department about planning and booking a wedding at Walt Disney World.  I therefore contacted them direct and was told:

For Wishes Weddings, future Disney Brides can only call Disney Fairytale Weddings (DFTW) 16 months out, if you call before this date they will ask you to call back.  I myself wasn’t aware of this new policy but apparently it changed at the same time Disney changed the booking and contracting timeframe to 12 months. 

For Escape weddings you can call 12 months in advance with bookings made an 8 months in advance. 

Is this a timeframe you can work with? We would be interested to hear from future Disney Brides what you think either here on our blog or on our forums.


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