Trends We Love: Untraditional Guest Book Ideas

Remember the days when the only option for a guest book was an actual book with a series of delicate lines for your guests to sign?

If you are planning your wedding now you have limitless possibilities for guests books. The latest trend in guests books seems to be the untraditional and we love it.

Couples really are adding their personalized stamp to these ideas and making statements.

How about having guests sign a game piece or a puzzle piece? How cool is that Jenga game to display in your home.

For the Bride and Groom who love music, how about Vinyl records to be displayed as art in your home after the wedding?

or a guitar!

How about a big monogram for guests to sign?

Of course we are still seeing those great personalized photo guest books that are filled with images of the happy couple.  Guests can sign special messages and wishes on each page.

Adding a Disney spin on the guest book, more couples are using Vinylmation as their guest book, which can be displayed after the wedding.

How about adding an UP! theme and having your friends and family sign the pages of your very own Adventure Book?

So the rule for guests books:  There are no rules.  Basically if you love it, its big enough for your guests to sign, go for it!  We’ve seen guests sign wine corks, wine bottles, plates, and even pages of their favorite children’s story book. Have fun!

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3 thoughts on “Trends We Love: Untraditional Guest Book Ideas

  1. We had a silver platter with an engraving pen that we use on special occassions, it was a neat idea from my mom

  2. That is a great idea. I’ve seen those as well Tiffani. We used a signing matte with a photo in the middle. Which i still love that I can look at what my guests wrote.

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