DFTW Update: Ariels Update

Ariel’s, based at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, is a popular choice for a wedding reception at Walt Disney World, ever since it closed to the public back in 1997.

New carpets have recently been laid, not that I thought there was anything wrong with the carpet in the least when Cinderfella and I had our Disney Wedding Reception at Ariel’s but that was 8 years ago, so I guess it was probably time for a change.

Here are some shots sent to me recently by Disney Fairytale Weddings Department.

Ariel’s new carpet

Ariel’s new carpet close up

Ariel’s new carpet lower level

Ariel’s new carpet upper level

Don’t forget to hop on over to our forums if you need any advice for your Disney Wedding Reception at Ariel’s or if you would just like to see more pictures of other weddings previously held at this venue.


One thought on “DFTW Update: Ariels Update

  1. I just got married here in April, and it was wonderful. The colors when great with our beach theme.
    My Hubby was a bit sckeptical (it was our back-up, we where suppose to be on Shipwrech beach) but in the end he thought it was fantastic, and better than the beach would have been. He would do it there again!

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