The Finer Details: Transporting the Dress

This piece for our Finer Details was written by Disneymooner Beth.  To read more about Disney Weddings please join our private forums.

The wedding day was drawing nearer when one of my much loved family members asked me “so how are you getting your dress down to Disney?” Ummmmmm dress to Disney yeah the thought had not really crossed my mind. I mean sure I had thought about it but life happened and it wasn’t one of the most pressing issues at the time but the time was getting closer so it was time to bump it up in the thought process. The bridal panic flared and I was on a mission to have this problem solved before I went to bed, My poor fiancé at the time just looked at me like I was nuts when I told him I was panicking over trying to figure out how to get my dress to Disney.

My first thought was my parents, they were driving they could take it with them. Great plan if they had been leaving from town but due to other situations in life they would be starting their journey to Florida from a much different location than I would be so that was out. The thought also crossed my mind that if something happened to their car I would be in Florida without a dress and did not want that to happen either.

I thought about shipping it to a vendor for steaming who could deliver it to the hotel. I decided that wouldn’t work when I was really pondering what would happen if my parents car broke down, their car was much more reliable than the mail, UPS, or FedEx all of which had lost packages for me in the years prior to my wedding. I decided there was no way that I could ship the dress. I did not mind mailing my welcome bags, or the items for the welcome bags but the dress I did not think I could put in the mail.

So it was decided the dress would be coming with me but then came the question of HOW? There is no way that I wanted to check my dress, I mean there is no end to horror stories of disappearing luggage right? My luck would be that the one bag that dropped out of the plane would be the bag that my dress was in. I had nightmares about that one for a long time.

Then came the thought of buying my dress it’s own seat. I priced it out then called the airline to see what they would say. The dress really only needed a one way ticket as coming home it could be delayed in it’s return and I wouldn’t worry as much as I would with it getting there. The all so helpful airline told me that my dress could not be strapped into a seat even if I purchased it a ticket. I then asked them about what would happen if it were in a garment bag could that be laid flat in an overhead bin, and was politely told no. The phone call ended.

As a very persistent person who was at this point freaking out about many different things that was not an acceptable answer so I called back. I was finally put through to an agent who could help me. She got my flight information, checked the type of plane and told me that when I got to the airport I was to talk to the gate agents and let them know I was traveling with a wedding gown that would be worn shortly after arrival. The gate agents would then get me in touch with the head steward or stewardess to have my dress stored in the coat closet area. Finally an answer I could live with.

The day we left for Disney I got many strange looks as I carried that garment bag through the airport but I didn’t care I was finally on my way to get married and that dress would be within my viewing distance the entire trip. I had absolutely no problem at the gate, and only received congratulations from the flight crew. My dress was properly stored for the flight to Orlando and when I sat down in my seat I was able to take a deep breath and relax. It was all coming together.

How did you get your dress to Disney? Did you have to go through any harrowing adventures or worries?


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