A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moment: Lianne

Some of our Disneymooner Forum members have been sharing their favorite moments from their Disney Wedding

By Lianne

“Ohhh, I had so many memorable parts… but I, got weak in the knees when I walked from the Bride’s Vestibule into the hallway at the WP, the chiming of the bells, the whoosh of the door opening, the “Here Comes the Bride”, and seeing Andy’s face when the door opened. That moment really took my breath away… and I cried. It basically the first moment when my world stood still after everything that I had been through the past year… “

Wedding Pavilion Entrance

“I also loved going into the MK before it opened… “

Magic Kingdom Bridal Shoot
Thank you for sharing your favorite moment Lianne.  To read more Disneymooner’s favorite moments please visit our forums.

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