Dancing on Clouds: A Disneyland Bride’s Magical Moment

My husband and I were both really excited about our first dance. Ever since our very first meeting with Disney to see if a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding was even possible, I was obsessed with the “dancing on the clouds” effect. They had showed us a picture of another couple who had done it and I had to have it! Unfortunately, it’s really expensive through Disney so we asked if our décor vendor could do it. He got it all figured out and handled the details. (They normally make you have a fire marshall in attendance because they turn off the fire alarms temporarily. But Brian opted to use dry ice instead of a smoke machine so he hammered out all the details with Disney and a fire marshall was not necessary.)

John and I walked out to the floor and as the music started, the “clouds” began wafting onto the dance floor. Our guests LOVED the clouds. None of them had seen it before and were so excited about it. The clouds really added a dream-like aspect to your first dance … it felt like a fairy tale!  I’m really glad we got to do it.
Here are the guys manning the dry ice:

I love how the clouds gently floated across the dance floor.

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