Photography Trends: Day After Photo Shoot

This post was written by Disneymooner Debbie.

A trend that’s big right now in wedding photography is the Day After shoot. This is a photo shoot that occurs the day, week, month, etc. after your actual wedding. You can decide the timing with your photographer. Many Disney brides opt to have an in-park photo shoot after their wedding. This is another option if an in-park shoot isn’t right for you.

A Day After shoot can be in the form of bridal portraits, trash the dress, or something more casual. Planning a Day After shoot can take the pressure off of getting all the pictures you want on your wedding day and give you more time with your guests. It’s also a great way to get pictures at an alternate location or with a different look and feel. This is the perfect opportunity to get pictures on a clear day if your wedding day has rain. Or to get daylight pictures if you have an evening wedding. Some brides opt to for a fun casual pajama shoot in their hotel room.

The disadvantages to a Day After shoot center around cost. Your photographer will undoubtedly charge a fee for the shoot. And you will need to pay for hair and makeup again unless you plan to do it yourself. One other disadvantage might be delaying leaving on your honeymoon for a day to take pictures. But having a day to catch your breath before leaving on your honeymoon isn’t a bad idea!

If a Day After shoot sounds like something you might be interested in, be sure to ask your photographer about options.

Some Day After Photo Samples:

Photo from:

Photo from

Photo from

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