Wedding License with a Side of…Tornadoes?

Wedding planning can be stressful at the best of times but what happens when a hurricane is on it’s way?  With Tropical Storm Isaac threatening to turn into Hurricane Isaac we wanted to share with you Disneymooner Geneva’s story from our Disneymooner Forums.

Wedding License With a Side of…Tornadoes?

“So, there we were…happy to be out of the rain when we realized…hey, there are cops EVERYWHERE…more than you would normally expect to see right when you walk into a courthouse. One was holding the door open and telling us to get inside (rudely). We got through the metal detectors, all the while trying to maintain our sense of humor but everyone seemed tense and we weren’t sure what was going on really. We tried to ask the next cop where the marriage license office was only to be told that we’ll need to wait in courtroom #1. Ooookaaayy…so I nervously asked the next cop, “What exactly have we walked into here?” only to receive this snide reply, “What you’ve walked into is 4 tornadoes in the area, now get into courtroom 1!” I (being in shock that he was being SUCH an a$$) stopped dead in my tracks and then (being the good sailor that I was trained to be) set about following the order. Just then some guy comes out of courtroom 1 saying, “I don’t know what the fire code for that room is, but there are way too many people in that room.” At that point, I was rethinking my decision to go into a room packed shoulder to shoulder with cranky people and I heard Stephen say, “Hang on a sec, honey…we’re not going in there to be packed in with whatever criminals were on trial today.”

Yup, definitely didn’t want to go in after considering that aspect (leave it to the lawyer…) so, while the cops were busy trying to bully fire code guy into submission, we headed for the exit…which was blocked by a security guy who seemed to think it was OK to hold us there against our will. Stephen explained that we would be leaving whether he liked it or not. The security guy was severely confused and stuttered out something about having to clear it with an officer so we turn around and both say at the same time (it was too funny), “We’ll be leaving now.” The cop just shrugged and said, “So?” We turned back to the security guy who was really confused now and muttered something about us being on our own with the tornadoes to which we both laughed and agreed that we’d rather do just that than be stuck in that madhouse for an undetermined amount of time waiting for a tornado to decimate it.

When it was all said and done, we made it back to the untouched courthouse and got our license without incident. Sure did make for an entertaining morning though.

Have you had a funny or stressful wedding planning story that left you a bit overwhelmed?  Share with us!

Look out for our blog post on the many ways to obtain your wedding license when planning a Disney Wedding… coming soon!


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