Trends We Love: Rectangular Tables

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Guest seating: Long rectangular tables

If you’d like a different look and feel to your reception you may want to consider long rectangular tables for your guests instead of the typical rounds. This can lead to a more intimate setting since your guests won’t be sitting so far across from each other. However, some people do not like that they may have reduced access to those sitting farther down the table from them. Long tables are typically perceived as more of a traditional family style set up. Depending on your guest count you can use one long table or several shorter ones. Be sure not to cram too many guests into one table or getting in and out of their seats could be cumbersome. The long tables can lead to a very elegant or casual feel depending on the décor you choose. When visualizing your reception space and the elements you’d like to include (dance floor, music, cake table, etc.) this may be a good option for laying out the room.

Here are some long tables options we love…..

Photo from:

Photo from:/

Photo from:

Photo from:

Photo from:

Photo from:

Photo from:

Photo from:

We are really loving this table trend, what about you?  Do you have other ideas on how to seat your wedding guests?

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