Disneyland Vendor Reveal: Your Harpist

Continuing our series of “Vendor Reveals”.  Through our Disneymooner forums we’ve found our members have used a number and variety of Vendors for their Disney Wedding and we’ve been asking those Vendors to reveal just a little more about their business……. and themselves!

Another Vendor Reveal from the West coast servicing Disneyland Fairytale Weddings.

What is the name of your business/service and what is your offering?
– Your Harpist provides harp music for all of Southern California – Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

What is your name, seems obvious I know but maybe it’s different from your business name?
– Ted Nichelson

What do you believe makes your business/service unique?
– The magic of live harp music adds so much to the finesse of a wedding ceremony. Not only is the instrument beautiful to look at but the sound is as well.

How did you get started and how long have you been doing this?
– I began taking harp lessons in my hometown growing up, and have been a professional harpist for more than 10 years now. I’ve played for more than 1000 weddings in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and California.

When not working a wedding at Disneyland (or another venue for that matter) what are you doing?
– I am a property manager in Los Angeles when not working as a harpist

What is your favorite part about your job?
– Most of all, I enjoy getting to travel around the area and perform at many interesting resorts, hotels, and natural settings.

What types of wedding packages do you offer Disney brides? (please feel free to add a link for Brides to get more information if applicable)
– I offer a standard wedding package, which includes consultations, a prelude of music to set the mood as guests are seated, the processional music, the recessional, and a short postlude as guests exit. On occasion, brides elect to have me also play for the cocktail hour.

What is your favorite wedding trend right now in relation to your business/service?
– I have really enjoyed the personal touches that brides and grooms add by selecting music that is meaningful to them in one way or another. I believe it makes their special day that much more memorable. I’ve been very willing to work with special requests to make this possible.

What’s your favorite thing about doing Disney weddings?
– The wedding staff at Disney is very organized, friendly, and wonderful to work with. I have never had any problems.

What was your strangest request when working a Disney wedding?
– I haven’t had a strange request, but one time a bride came riding in on the Disney Main Street fire engine, which I thought was amazing.

What’s your most memorable moment that you have taken away from a Disney wedding?
– One time Goofy walked up to me and really got exited about my harp, and did a pantomime to communicate how much he loved my music. I really enjoyed the extra attention, Goofy certainly is a comedian.

If you were getting married at Disneyland where would you have your ceremony and reception and why?
– The Rose Court Garden is a lovely setting, there is plenty of room for guest seating, it is quiet, and very intimate. A good place for the reception is the Sleeping Pavilion which has windows overlooking the beautiful Disney Hotel property.

Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
– I’ve always liked Goofy, mostly because Goofy’s Kitchen is nearby where most wedding receptions take place and he always waves at me.

Which is your favorite Disney attraction and why?
– I’ve always loved the Haunted Mansion – it never gets old no matter how many times you visit.

Why should a Disneymooner choose your service?
– I really do care about my clients, and do everything possible so that they will be happy and satisfied with the music for their special day. I feel that I am professional, reliable, and also confident of my performing skills. Anyone booking Your Harpist can be sure they will be very pleased with my services.

Theodore Nichelson – Your Harpist

Thanks to Ted, Your Harpist for answering our questions as part of our Vendor Reveal series, if you would like your work revealed to our readers please contact yourfairytalewedding@disneymooner.com


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