A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moment: Geneva

I remember practicing our first dance in the ballrooms over & over again every day until the wedding.

I remember enjoying that special walk with my dad.

I remember locking eyes on Stephen as I walked towards him on our wedding day.

I remember getting bombed smack dab between the eyes with a wad of petals from the pretty little petal bags I had so painstakingly stuffed by hand.

(I think my mom did it…just sayin’)

I remember waiting outside the ballroom to be “announced” at the reception.

I remember wondering where everyone went around 4pm…lol…seriously, I looked up & the party was over. We had a 10am wedding, so it was time, but it was still kind of a shocker.

I remember walking to Epcot from the Yacht Club en masse then though the park to our DP.

I remember being lucky enough to steal away on the way out for those coveted “bonus” shots and hearing people say we must be models shooting material for a Disney FTW commercial…my photographer was (& is) a total hottie, so it’s no wonder why people thought that…

How could I possibly pick one favorite moment?? LOL

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