A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moment: Vanessa

A favorite moment shared by Disneymooner Vanessa who was married at Epcot’s America Adventure Rotunda.

We were married in the AAR, so had photos around the World Showcase with our wedding party right after the ceremony. Our planner soon took them away to the reception and Randy took Kris and I to Italy and Germany for a few last shots before they made us leave! I remember Kris and I walking together having those first moments alone as a married couple and I remember us both saying how we couldn’t believe that the wedding was actually here and that it all came together. We were also relieved to have it over (in a good way!) I need to upload this picture!

Walking through Epcot to our dessert party with our guests was one of my favorite times during the day. We even got Photopass people to take our pictures (which I don’t think is supposed to happen.) Here is one of the photos from walking through Epcot:

Finally, at our dessert party where one of our groomsmen’s little girls wanted to come get her picture with me because she thought I was Cinderella. (We didn’t have kids under 12 at our ceremony or reception, so this was the first time during the day that she had gotten to see me in my wedding dress.)

What a wonderful memory – thank you for sharing Vanessa! If you would like to read more Favorite Moments by Disneymooner Brides please go to our forums.


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