Trends We Love: LED Bouquet

Thinking of doing something a little different for your Disney Wedding?  Trying to figure out how to add a little flair to your bouquet?  How about adding lights to it!?!

A recent Disneyland bride had Disney Floral create her bouquet with LED lights, which added a soft glow to the gorgeous flowers.  This is a great idea for an evening ceremony or for taking your bouquet to a dessert party.  If your ceremony is in the middle of the day you could place your bouquet in a vase on your sweetheart table at the reception and turn the lights on while the ambient lighting is low.  Or possibly talk to your floral provider about lighting your centerpieces!  I love this idea!!


Photo by FlowersinLove

Thanks to our Disneyland Wedding Guru Debbie for this article.  To read more about  tips and trends to make your wedding stand out, please visit our Disneymooner Forums


Suggestive Saturday ~ Cocktail Hour Inspiration

I try to stay away from Pinterest because I just know it’s a drug waiting to take me over, so I like to look around other parts of the internet for inspiration and as I am a Foodie these images caught my eye and I immediately thought how they could be incorporated into a Disney Wedding.

Firstly look at these crudités in a cup, why has no-one thought of serving these before? I’ve been to many a reception where all the guests stand around a plate and therefore don’t mingle and don’t even get me started on the whole “dipping etiquette” and germs!!  If I were to do a Disney Wedding Do-Over, during my Cocktail Hour I would like these carried around on trays by servers direct to my guests rather than on a table as in this picture, I am so sold on this idea!

On that same theme, I found these Zucchini tempura (I’m guessing here) and I could imagine a Japanese themed Cocktail Hour including these and maybe Tempura Shrimp served in a similar fashion?

Found on The Knot

Found on The Knot

This got me thinking some more on themed Cocktail Hour food and I love the idea of Mini-Foods.  Just look at what you can do with mini burgers, fries, dogs and baked potatoes

found on

found on


Found on YumSugar

Found on YumSugar

I’m pretty sure that some of the Chefs at Walt Disney World would totally work with you on these ideas if they haven’t already produced them before!

Did you have a theme your food at your Disney Wedding Cocktail Hour and if so what did you pick?

Trends We Love: Candy Buffet

Who doesn’t love candy?  Disneymooners have a sweet tooth for this fun new trend in candy bars at wedding receptions.

Many couples are forgoing the traditional wedding favors and instead letting guests take home a sweet treat. Guests can pick and chose what candy they want to take and fill up their bags as much or as little as they want.

Couples can incorporate their wedding colors into the candy……

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 8.50.46 PM

Photo taken from Disney Parks Blog

Or maybe fun festive bright colors for the candy…

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.00.35 PM

Photo taken from Disney Food Blog

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.03.39 PM

Photo taken from DFTW Ever After Blog

How about an all white candy buffet?

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 1.14.11 PM

Photo from Keith J Laverty Website

Couples should plan for cute bags for guests to fill with their treats. We love these simply  monogrammed bags.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 1.10.22 PM

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Are you using a candy buffet at your wedding reception? What colors or candies are you using.  We would love to hear all about it over at the Disneymooner Private Forums!

Fairytale Themes: Cinderella

Our Disneymooner Member and Pixie, Katie, wanted to share her Cinderella Theme for her Disney Wedding:

I always knew that I was a princess. And I always knew that I would have my wedding at Disney. So of course, once I was engaged and everyone was on board with a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, it was decided that the theme would be Cinderella, but not the character, the aspects of the story instead. We would focus on the slipper and the coach, and focus we did.

Even before our wedding even started, we had our theme in place at my bridal shower, we, of course, needed a coach cake

Cinderella shower cake

For the wedding, we started with our locations at Disney, The American Adventure Rotunda…there is no place that looks more like the castle ballroom in the world, no place else in the world that I could imagine floating across the floor dancing with my own prince charming, my new husband.
Disneymooner AAR

And of course, we needed to add Cinderella’s Coach… there was never any question there…

But it’s the little things that really make a theme…

We chose Cinderella coaches as our centerpieces and used them as ceremony decorations as well


And made little slippers on pillows to put in the middle instead of floral


We had the slipper sorbet


The white chocolate slipper dessert

Our Sparkling Wishes cake had the white chocolate castle topper

My Swarovski Crystal tiara and jewelry had a hidden coach

The table cards were held by little coaches

We wrapped up slipper bottle openers as our favors

We had a coach gobo


We tried to think of every little area that we could tie into the theme and in the end, I truly felt like Cinderella and I did marry my Prince Charming 😉 You can too! If you are a Disney Bride and would like to read my full recaps of my wedding day, join the Forums!

What Theme will/did you have for your Disney Fairytale Wedding?

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