DIY: Custom Shoe Feather Clips

Adding color to your shoe has been a big wedding trend for the past several years, but the newest addition to the trend watch is ruffling our feathers.   Adding a touch of color and uniqueness to your shoes could be as simple as adding a feather or jeweled clip.

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But what if you already have the perfect pair of shoes?  What about the bride who is budget conscious and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes with feathers she might only wear once?

Leave it to a Disneymooners to come up with a great do-it-yourself idea: Making your own feather clip – fast, cheap and easy.

This tutorial was written by one of our awesome planning brides:  Karla (kvanessa)  who is planning a wedding at the Sea Breeze Point wedding for September.

Things you’ll need:

A pair of buttons
Shoe clip blanks
Glue gun

I know I wanted the main piece of the shoe clip to be rhinestones so I found these buttons at Michaels. After using my 40% off coupon, they came out to $3.20

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I took a pair of pliers and removed the little loop on the back of the buttons. Try to remove it so the back is as flat as possible. This will make it easier to glue the feathers as well as the clip.



Now it’s time for feathers! Ha ☺

I purchased two different styles of feathers. One style was like goose type feathers and I honestly can’t remember which was the other. After the coupons, each package came out to a dollar and some change. Each pack brought around 15+ feathers.


If you look closely, you can see that the top part of the feather is more tamed I guess you can say while the bottom part is really fluffy and looks like ostrich feathers so I cut them where these two parts meet to use them separately.

Now the shapes of them were kinda funny to me so I shaped each one with the scissors to look a little more round at the top.


I didn’t take a picture of the bottom part of the feather already trimmed but I’m sure you get the point. 

Now to put everything together!

You can just arrange the feathers to your liking, however you prefer for them to look once glued. I did this several times, rearranging the order I was going to glue them on and the position before actually gluing them.


I first wanted to use crazy glue to put these together just because a glue gun can get kind of thick and I didn’t want it to be too bulky for when it was time to add the clip but this was not working at all! It was taking to long to set and the feather would move around. Plus after drying, it got kind of got flaky. 

Just make sure to keep the glue from the glue gun as thin as possible.

This is the bottom part of the feather added on.


Now the rooster feathers are a little long so I just cut them shorter, just enough so that when placed they would be a little longer than the other two that were applied to the button. Of course this is all preference of how you want the clip to look like.


Then you just want to add the clip onto the back. Before you actually glue, determine in what direction you want the entire thing on the shoe so you know in what direction to glue the clip on.

I know that back of it looks a little bulky and not so neat but you can’t tell at all when clipped to the shoe and the clip on great. 

And you’re done!



Thank you Karla for a lovely blog post – The Disneymooner community can not wait to see your entire bridal look come together in September. 

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