DIY: Custom Shoe Feather Clips

Adding color to your shoe has been a big wedding trend for the past several years, but the newest addition to the trend watch is ruffling our feathers.   Adding a touch of color and uniqueness to your shoes could be as simple as adding a feather or jeweled clip.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.56.45 PM

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But what if you already have the perfect pair of shoes?  What about the bride who is budget conscious and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes with feathers she might only wear once?

Leave it to a Disneymooners to come up with a great do-it-yourself idea: Making your own feather clip – fast, cheap and easy.

This tutorial was written by one of our awesome planning brides:  Karla (kvanessa)  who is planning a wedding at the Sea Breeze Point wedding for September.

Things you’ll need:

A pair of buttons
Shoe clip blanks
Glue gun

I know I wanted the main piece of the shoe clip to be rhinestones so I found these buttons at Michaels. After using my 40% off coupon, they came out to $3.20

pictures 1

I took a pair of pliers and removed the little loop on the back of the buttons. Try to remove it so the back is as flat as possible. This will make it easier to glue the feathers as well as the clip.



Now it’s time for feathers! Ha ☺

I purchased two different styles of feathers. One style was like goose type feathers and I honestly can’t remember which was the other. After the coupons, each package came out to a dollar and some change. Each pack brought around 15+ feathers.


If you look closely, you can see that the top part of the feather is more tamed I guess you can say while the bottom part is really fluffy and looks like ostrich feathers so I cut them where these two parts meet to use them separately.

Now the shapes of them were kinda funny to me so I shaped each one with the scissors to look a little more round at the top.


I didn’t take a picture of the bottom part of the feather already trimmed but I’m sure you get the point. 

Now to put everything together!

You can just arrange the feathers to your liking, however you prefer for them to look once glued. I did this several times, rearranging the order I was going to glue them on and the position before actually gluing them.


I first wanted to use crazy glue to put these together just because a glue gun can get kind of thick and I didn’t want it to be too bulky for when it was time to add the clip but this was not working at all! It was taking to long to set and the feather would move around. Plus after drying, it got kind of got flaky. 

Just make sure to keep the glue from the glue gun as thin as possible.

This is the bottom part of the feather added on.


Now the rooster feathers are a little long so I just cut them shorter, just enough so that when placed they would be a little longer than the other two that were applied to the button. Of course this is all preference of how you want the clip to look like.


Then you just want to add the clip onto the back. Before you actually glue, determine in what direction you want the entire thing on the shoe so you know in what direction to glue the clip on.

I know that back of it looks a little bulky and not so neat but you can’t tell at all when clipped to the shoe and the clip on great. 

And you’re done!



Thank you Karla for a lovely blog post – The Disneymooner community can not wait to see your entire bridal look come together in September. 

Love this DIY?  please join the forums to find countless more DIY ideas our brides have created.


Disneymooner Glass Slipper 2013 Categories Announced


Here are a list of the Categories announced over these past 12 Days of Christmas:

1. Category for Art Direction (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
We are looking for the most visually inspiring Disney wedding photo, be it of the Bride and Groom, a location, a guest… anything that you consider worthy of winning this Category.

2. Category for Costume Design (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
In the past this category has been for the wedding dress but this year we are looking for what members consider the best dressed/themed wedding party.

3. Category for Music (Original Score) (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
We will invite nominations for the original song choices that the Bride and Groom incorporated into any part of their wedding, be it to walk down the aisle or maybe the wedding party entrance, anything really, you decide.

4. Category for Documentary Short (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
Without dwelling on the stressful too much… we invite you to nominate the Disneymooner Member you feel overcame the “unknown” during their wedding planning.. be it a guest, a family member, an unexpected event or maybe even DFTW themselves…. some or all can really bring out the Bridezilla in us LOL but let’s hear it for those that really had to deal with the trials and tribulations of planning a Disney Wedding.

5. Category for Cinematography (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
Some of our members have really managed to put together a most amazing wedding through design, creativity and sometimes complicated DIY projects resulting in an awe-inspiring look of a wedding that many of us can only dream of having. This category will be awarded to the Disneymooner you think pulled off this amazing feat., anything from invites, floral, hair, whatever … it’s entirely open to interpretation of DIY.

6. Category for Animated Feature Film (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
Planning a Destination Disney Wedding is not just about the Wedding and this award will therefore go to the Disneymooner who pulled off the most memorable event outside of the wedding day e.g. Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Tea, Grooms Day Out, Bridal Shower etc. etc… you get the picture.

7. Category for Visual Effects
This award will go to the overall Best Vendor who, on winning, will receive an official endorsement from the Disneymooners. This a chance for Disneymooner Members to nominate a maximum of THREE Vendors who they felt really shone from their wedding.

8. Category for Writing (Original Screenplay)
A $50 Disney Giftcard is on offer to the Winner of this Category with a $25 Disney Giftcard going to the Runner-Up

Disneymooner members can submit an article for the Yourfairytalewedding Blog to the Disneymooner Academy at In the Subject Line be sure to mark it Glass Slipper Blog Entry

All articles submitted will be published on this blog at some point over the up and coming months.

Your post can be about anything related to a Disney Wedding, tenuous links allowed! Be sure to include at least one picture that you have permission to publish. You can post about many things:

– Your Favorite Moment
– A Disney Wedding Venue
– Why you chose a Disney Wedding
– Your Favorite Character to attend a Wedding
– Disney Wedding Tips
– How to welcome guests to a Destination Wedding
– A Vendor Review
– Dress shopping…… the list is endless!

Anything about your wedding planning or the wedding day itself that you think could be of interest to others – if you’ve kept a Planning Journal or written Wedding Day Recaps then you probably already have some pieces from those that can be turned into a blog article and a $50 Disney Giftcard without a lot of work!

9. Category for Actress in a Leading Role
This award will go to the member you feel most embodies the “Spirit of a Disneymooner” e.g. they are always actively posting in the wedding planning forums supporting and encouraging those who are in the throws of planning their own Happily Ever Afters. Think of those members who have added real value to your wedding planning. Maybe you have another reason to make a nomination?

10. Category for Direction (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
From the inception of your Planning Journal with your detailed updates, including negotiations, ideas, tips, photos to pulling off what your peers feel was a magical Destination Disney Wedding, you showed and shared with us everything including all the little details. Please nominate those you think worthy of this accolade!

11. Category for Best Picture (weddings 1st March 2008 onwards only)
Sometimes it pays to keep things simple….so this award is for the most entertaining Wedding Day Recaps. Be sure to tell us your reason for your nomination and link to the actual wedding day recaps.

12. Category for Actress in a Supporting Role
The final award will be a Special Award for a Special Member….and will be awarded by the Pixies to one of our most supportive members! It’s a surprise

Nominations are now open until Sunday 10th February 2013. You can either nominate publicly, should you so wish, in the Glass Slipper Forums here by placing a nomination under each Day of Christmas Category Announcement, remembering to put a link in or place images in the post and give your reasons for nomination OR you can nominate privately by sending an email to :

slippers@disneymooner.comDON’T FORGET to type “Nominations” in the subject line

The Nominees (top 5) for each award will be announced on Monday 11th February – each nominee will also receive a notification of when their category will be presented but a full timetable will also be published on the Disneymooners on that date.

The Awards will be announced beginning 25th February 2013 we hope you can join us for all the fun as there are more surprises to come!

So, if you are a member of our Disneymooner Forums be sure to get posting all your future wedding day plans, past wedding day recaps and any other Disney Wedding snippets because who knows you’re contribution may be one that others really recognize and will wish to nominate you for!

Thank you again to all of you who contribute to our Community!

**small print

All active members of the Disneymooner UserGroup are eligible to nominate and BE nominated including Pixies (unless otherwise indicated), except for myself, you can even nominate yourself if you so wish. All emailed nominations will be treated as Private and Confidential.

Each Category may have certain restrictions please check the Category Announcement to be sure, please note that The Disneymooner Academy reserve the right to change the rules where and when necessary.

3rd Annual Disneymooner Glass Slipper Awards Ceremony Announced

Disneymooner Slippers

After a 5 year hiatus, I am delighted to announce that The Disneymooner Academy has decided to once again host this exciting on-line and interactive award ceremony.

This ceremony will take place on the Disneymooner Forums from Monday 25th February (Red Carpet Party) to Friday 1st March, 2013. Yes that’s right a whole week of glamor, awards and speeches!

There will be 12 Categories, each of which will be announced over the 12 Days of Christmas. Members will then be invited to make nominations for each Category. Now. what I can tell you is that Best Actress and Best Film will once again feature so get posting those Wedding Day recaps if you wish to be considered.

As it has been a long time in returning you may be wondering what are the Disneymooner Slippers? For more details on the glitz, glamor and Categories of award ceremonies gone by I suggest you check out details on our previous ceremonies on the Disneymooner Forums.

This is a chance for all our forum members to have a little fun and for us to give back to those that we wish to praise for their contribution to this amazing Community.  Those that REALLY do contribute will be rewarded, as every winner will each receive a little prize….. and for the first time, ONE very lucky Disneymooner will walk away with a $50 Disney Gift Card!!!

So, if you are a member of our Disneymooner Forums be sure to get posting all your future wedding day plans, past wedding day recaps and any other Disney Wedding snippets because who knows you’re contribution may be one that others really recognize and will wish to nominate you for!

Thank you again to all of you who contribute to our Community!

California Grill to Close for Renovations

It has been recently announced that the California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort will close on January 6th, 2013 for renovations.  As of right now, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings says that the California Grill is blocked out until July 20th, 2013 but that date could be pushed back even further.

Disney’s California Grill is home to the Napa and Sonoma rooms. These are popular reception choices for their gorgeous panoramic views of Bay Lake and the Magic Kingdom.

The Napa room is a coveted choice for it’s access to the observation deck which makes the nightly “Wishes” fireworks show, at Magic Kingdom, a magical ending to your Disney wedding.

We’re pretty excited to see what the new California Grill will look like when it’s all finished, how about you?

DFTW Update: Ariels Update

Ariel’s, based at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, is a popular choice for a wedding reception at Walt Disney World, ever since it closed to the public back in 1997.

New carpets have recently been laid, not that I thought there was anything wrong with the carpet in the least when Cinderfella and I had our Disney Wedding Reception at Ariel’s but that was 8 years ago, so I guess it was probably time for a change.

Here are some shots sent to me recently by Disney Fairytale Weddings Department.

Ariel’s new carpet

Ariel’s new carpet close up

Ariel’s new carpet lower level

Ariel’s new carpet upper level

Don’t forget to hop on over to our forums if you need any advice for your Disney Wedding Reception at Ariel’s or if you would just like to see more pictures of other weddings previously held at this venue.