DFTW Update: Booking a Disney Wedding?


Are you looking to book a Disney wedding?  If so you may, like me, have been confused lately on the current policy regarding when you can  contact the Disney Fairytale Weddings Department about planning and booking a wedding at Walt Disney World.  I therefore contacted them direct and was told:

For Wishes Weddings, future Disney Brides can only call Disney Fairytale Weddings (DFTW) 16 months out, if you call before this date they will ask you to call back.  I myself wasn’t aware of this new policy but apparently it changed at the same time Disney changed the booking and contracting timeframe to 12 months. 

For Escape weddings you can call 12 months in advance with bookings made an 8 months in advance. 

Is this a timeframe you can work with? We would be interested to hear from future Disney Brides what you think either here on our blog or on our forums.


DFTW Update: Wedding Pavilion News

It’s that time of the year when the folks at Disney Fairytale Weddings give us notice of the Annual rehab of Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. This is important in order for the Wedding Pavilion to maintain its glory for all the upcoming Disney weddings.

The rehab will take place July 6-19, 2012.  Disney Fairytale Weddings department will therefore not be able to undertake any site visits during that time but the Planners will be doing Planning Sessions if necessary.

That Disney Wedding planning “Mecca” aka Francks will also be undergoing rehab during this time.

July can bring with it some pretty high temperatures and humidity so the timing does make sense. Here at Disneymooners we know for some, this is the only time you can make it to Walt Disney World so fingers crossed this doesn’t cause anyone too much inconvenience. 

Don’t forget to hop on over to our forums if you need any advice for your Disney Wedding Site Visit or Planning Session.

Disneymooner Chatter

Most of you who are in the midst of planning your Disney Wedding may know already that Disney Fairytale Weddings Department have decided to keep “Memories Collection” as a permanent collection after its recent success. The Memories Collection was first showcased back in 2011 to  coincide with 20th Anniversary celebrations of  Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings which began in 1991.   At $2,495 the Memories Collection is a great starting price for that more intimate wedding or Vow Renewal for the Bridal couple and up to 4 guests.

In other news I’ve also been informed that Disney Fairytale Weddings Department have stopped taking bookings for any Wishes Collection bookings for October 2012 seems the Fall is a bumper season this year for Disney Weddings, and they’re all booked up!

Disney Dreams Debuts at Disneyland Paris

People ask me all the time why I love Disney so much and I never really know where to start.  But this, THIS video is pretty much says it all.  There is just no where else on Earth you can experience stuff  like this.   The new nighttime show at Disneyland Paris, Disney Dreams, is simply awe-inspiring.  As much as I love Wishes, I would not be the least bit sad to see Disney Dreams replace it…check out the video below and see for yourself.

I think Disneyland Paris just became an even more attractive honeymoon locale!