Trends We Love: Rectangular Tables

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Guest seating: Long rectangular tables

If you’d like a different look and feel to your reception you may want to consider long rectangular tables for your guests instead of the typical rounds. This can lead to a more intimate setting since your guests won’t be sitting so far across from each other. However, some people do not like that they may have reduced access to those sitting farther down the table from them. Long tables are typically perceived as more of a traditional family style set up. Depending on your guest count you can use one long table or several shorter ones. Be sure not to cram too many guests into one table or getting in and out of their seats could be cumbersome. The long tables can lead to a very elegant or casual feel depending on the décor you choose. When visualizing your reception space and the elements you’d like to include (dance floor, music, cake table, etc.) this may be a good option for laying out the room.

Here are some long tables options we love…..

Photo from:

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We are really loving this table trend, what about you?  Do you have other ideas on how to seat your wedding guests?


Trends We Love: Photo Booths

By far one of the biggest weddings trends we have seen are Photo Booths, and they are making their way to Disney Fairytale Weddings as well.

Photo Booths are a great way to capture memories is a funny and unique way. Some couples choose to have props for their photo booths to really amp up the fun-filled energy of the wedding. Others choose a more classic approach and go with black and white film strips.

Disney Fairytale Weddings as up with the current trends and we have seen these used at Atlantic Dance Hall as well as other locations( as showcased on their official blog).

As always, we advise you to consult your Disney wedding planner for the cost renting this would cost your event.  As with most additions to your wedding, you can hire an outside vendor to do your photo booth if it is an out of park reception. The prices of these photo booths vary but couples can estimate at a couple thousand dollars.

If that price is too high for a couple to budget or they want the same effect for their reception; here are some fun cheaper ideas:

*get a Polaroid camera and leave a note for guests to take a picture and write a message for the couple.

*Get disposable cameras and have an area for guests to take their picture. You can develop them later and even make them digital and create photo strips online.

Have you had a Photo Booth at your wedding?  we would love to hear your experience and stories.  Please join us on the Disneymooner Forums

Trends We Love: Feathers

Feathers have been seen at weddings a lot over the past year and they seem to be gaining momentum as we head into summer. From ostrich to peacock the feathers are making a statement down the aisle this year.

We’ve seen them in bride’s hair, used an accent piece or in lieu of a traditional headpiece of veil.

We’ve seen them infused into bouquets to add texture and a sense of fantasy.

The groomsmen have even been seen getting in on the feather accents as bouts.

Centerpieces are also a great place to add feathers to.  This centerpiece is just feathers!

And my favorite are these incredible edible peacock feather toppers for wedding cupcakes. Couples could even buy these to place on their wedding cake.

Where else have you seen feathers used in a wedding?

Have any of our followers used or planning on using feathers on their wedding day?  We’d love to hear about it on our forums!

Trends We Love: Untraditional Guest Book Ideas

Remember the days when the only option for a guest book was an actual book with a series of delicate lines for your guests to sign?

If you are planning your wedding now you have limitless possibilities for guests books. The latest trend in guests books seems to be the untraditional and we love it.

Couples really are adding their personalized stamp to these ideas and making statements.

How about having guests sign a game piece or a puzzle piece? How cool is that Jenga game to display in your home.

For the Bride and Groom who love music, how about Vinyl records to be displayed as art in your home after the wedding?

or a guitar!

How about a big monogram for guests to sign?

Of course we are still seeing those great personalized photo guest books that are filled with images of the happy couple.  Guests can sign special messages and wishes on each page.

Adding a Disney spin on the guest book, more couples are using Vinylmation as their guest book, which can be displayed after the wedding.

How about adding an UP! theme and having your friends and family sign the pages of your very own Adventure Book?

So the rule for guests books:  There are no rules.  Basically if you love it, its big enough for your guests to sign, go for it!  We’ve seen guests sign wine corks, wine bottles, plates, and even pages of their favorite children’s story book. Have fun!

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Trends We Love: Here comes the… braids?

Wedding hairstyles are getting a fun twist this year with braids. And we are loving everything about them!

From prim and polished…

To loose and beachy…

any type of wedding can be complimented with this new trend.

We’re especially fond of creating a faux “tiara” out of a sleek braid.

Tell us what you think of this trend? And, for the Disney brides out there, have you joined our private forums yet? We’d love to hear all about the trends you’ll be showing off on you big Disney day!