Disneymooner Community

Who are the Disneymooners?

The Disneymooners have been around online since the mid 1990’s in various forms.  Whether you are wishing for a wedding in Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii, or on the Disney Cruise Line, the Disneymooner community helps turn those fairytale wedding dreams into magical memories!

Disneymooners love discussing Disney Weddings because at some point we’ve each planned one. Our group is made up of past and present brides, all with experience planning Disney Weddings. We can give you feedback and suggestions on your choices, as well as provide a supportive place to discuss and create your wedding plans.

One of our greatest assets is our private forum; where not only will your personal information be secure, but so will your questions, opinions, wedding plans and vendor reviews. The privacy of our forums enables our members to provide full and honest information about their planning and wedding experiences. Planning any wedding can be stressful, so it’s nice to know there’s a place to share your journey privately.


In August 2003 when I typed “Disney Wedding” into my search engine I was astounded at how much information there was online. As much as I am a “my life is an open book” kind of girl I was immediately drawn to the Disneymooners Group for its security.  I was already a member on the DIS boards, but ironically enough so were most of my wedding guests! I needed a private place where I could ask questions and share my ideas.  The other members of the Disneymooners were either planning their own Disney wedding or had been there, done it and in one case wrote the book, so they were a valuable resource to aid in my planning!

At the end of 2003 the current owners took the list to a bulletin board format which is the format we still play in which has made it possible for each prospective Disney Bride to share their plans more easily.

In 2004, after my own Disney Wedding, I became a Disneymooner Pixie, and worked with the Owners and other Pixies to moderate the Disneymooner Forums.  At the end of 2006, I was touched and felt really privileged when the responsibility and ownership of the Disneymooners was passed to me.  Since that time with the help of other Pixies, past and present, we have kept the Disneymooner Forums still going strong!

I hope after visiting and reading our blog; Your Fairytale Wedding that you will take the time to visit and join the Disneymooner Forums and share the journey to Your Fairytale Wedding.

FantasiaSam – Owner, Disneymooners.com & YourFairytaleWedding.com


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