Planning a Private Dinner: Grand Floridian

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Many Disney Wedding couples will find themselves planning returning trips to celebrate their anniversary, and often trying to find a special way to mark each passing year.

Disney World offers many options both large and small for celebrating anniversaries.  When my husband and I decided to return for our 1st anniversary, the wheels started spinning.  With the help of the Disneymooners and the forums, I uncovered many options for planning unique anniversary dinners.  I wanted this all to be a surprise so that was the hardest part.

After a few months of thinking over what I really wanted to do, I decided on planning a private dinner for us  at the Grand Floridian.  Many people don’t realize that it’s as simple as contacting private dining at the resort you are staying to set up something truly unique.

I contacted the Grand Floridian Private dining several months before and we set out to plan the event and the dinner menu.  I wanted to try and recreate our dinner menu as close as possible.  In the end, Disney went above and beyond my expectations for this.

Once we arrived at the Grand that evening, I actually wasn’t certain where I was going, until I noticed a BUTLER! standing by the piano with a tray of drinks and roses. I was shocked and knew it was for us.  He was great and it made the evening seem so private for us.

He led us to the 3rd floor concierge elevator and out the doors to the terrace. This was where we were eating.

So we saw our table all set up and say down to relax as our butler brought our food. This was the closest we would get to having our wedding. It was actually pretty close except for the appetizer.

The sorbet was much different than what we had but they made it fresh!  The taste was incredible.

The Butler gave us this for dessert, which was so sweet.

Overall, this experience was a great one and worth the money we spent.  We would have spent the same amount at any of the fancier restaurants on property.

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