Entertainment: Characters – Stitch

“Adding a Tiny Terror”

I suppose that most people assume all couples who chose a Disney World Wedding have a Disney character at their event.   While many couples chose to add a little Disney magic to their festivities, many more do not.  It’s all a personal choice for the theme of the event.

One thing is true when we were planning we certainly had options.  We knew we wanted Mickey and Minnie at our event.  We added them to the budget and let it be.

A few months into planning we decided to see if it was possible to add a newer character to the mix….Stitch.  Lilo and Stitch the movie was one of our favorites at this point and we thought that  adding him might add just a touch of tiny terror to our event.  We kept the characters a secret from most of our guests.  Our bridal party and parents knew about Mickey and Minnie.  But we really wanted more surprises for them.

While we were dancing Mickey and Minnie came in for their set.  We were having a blast and mostly the adults were taken back more than the children.  They wanted to have their picture taken and dance with the famous mice.

“Just then the cd skipped and came to a screeching halt……we all looked around Our guests looked around and wondered what was going on now?? I almost was taken back and wondering what was going on. Scott says “Uh Oh folks….silence….”

Then music began to play – I did it again…I forgot all about my absolute favorite surprise of all!!!

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You´re the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise

I of course remembered instantly. Just then Stitch ran into the room and started to cause chaos immediately. I kid you not…when he came in the room the entire group screamed and clapped as if he was a rock star. Stitch rocked that place! It was so loud! He ran towards the cake as if to jump on it and gave me a huge hug. I do not think I could have been more excited or happy at this moment…I just could not stop laughing. I kind of felt bad for Mickey and Minnie…I searched for them once he arrived and all I saw were ears in the back. But thankfully there were people dancing with them. I joined them. I swear the adults enjoyed the characters more than the kids at points.”

There are so many character choices to have at your Disney Fairytale Wedding please be sure to check out our forums for more suggestions and ideas on how to entertain your guests.