Disney Carriage Rides

Are you looking for something romantic to do on your next Disney vacation?  If you’re looking for something out of the parks, why not try a horse and carriage ride at one of the resorts?  Carriage rides are available at both Port Orleans Riverside and Fort Wilderness.

My husband and I had the pleasure of going on a carriage ride at Fort Wilderness and were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it.  The carriages are stationed across from Crockett’s Tavern.  When you board the carriage, your guide will ask you what route you’d like to take.  You can do a rustic route through the trails that connect Fort Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge, or you can take another route that will allow you to view the water on your ride.


Fort Wilderness really feels like worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the parks so it is a perfect way to spend a relaxing evening. You can even arrange to have champagne or wine on your ride. During the colder months, your driver will provide you with blankets.  If you visit during Christmas time, you can ask to go on a route that will let you view all of the decorations campers have used to decorate their RVs and campsites.

The ride lasts for 25 minutes and costs $45 (including tax). The one downside is that you cannot use a credit card, but you can use your Disney room key (or cash!) The first carriage leaves at 6 P.M. and the last one leaves at 9:30.  During certain times of the year, you can time it right so that you can view the fireworks while you are on your ride.




This photo is from: wdwpionears website

What other romantic things have you done on your Disney Honeymoon? We’d love to hear about them!

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A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moments: Beth

Some of our Disneymooner Forum members have been sharing their favorite moments from their Disney Wedding. This week’s favorite moment was shared by Disneymooner Beth, who had a Disney Escape Wedding and spent a lovely honeymoon in Walt Disney World. To find out more about her events, join on the Disneymooner Forums.

“One of my favorite memories of our wedding week happened at the Coral Reef!

This has always been one of my favorite restaurants I love the aquarium and I was hoping beyond hope that we would be sitting close to it. We went and checked in early (it was like 11:30) and were told it would take a few minutes. OK no problem at all we could at least sit down in the air-conditioned building which felt so good after being outside in the sun for the past hour and half running across the world and back. We just sat and relaxed and enjoyed life when our names were called. It was hard to get up and move but I couldn’t wait for Dennis to see the inside of the restaurant. His first reaction was WOW and my first reaction when we got a table right by the aquarium was also WOW! I had never been that close and knew that the meal was going to be very pleasant. We could barely drag our eyes away from the fish when out waiter came to get our drink and appetizer order.

While we were waiting for our main courses I noticed a school of fish headed to our table, I was pointing it out to Dennis when we noticed that there was a diver in the middle of the fish. I was so excited it must be feeding time and we got to watch but the diver kept coming our way, the last feeding I saw the diver stopped in the middle of the tank where everyone could see but he was headed our way. When he reached our table he stopped and waved and blew kisses to me. I blew kisses back I mean what’s a girl supposed to do? Dennis was laughing the whole time and the diver started fumbling for something and I thought it was a waterproof marker and paper. I had seen them write things before for others by way of communication so I didn’t think twice about that. What blew me away was when he unrolled this sheet of paper and it said “Congratulations Dennis and Beth”.

I stood up so fast and almost fell over the extra chair on my way to Dennis’s side for the camera. All the cast members were gathering around and all the other guests in the restaurant were headed over that way. One mom pulled her son back who was headed for our spot by the aquarium to talk to the diver and wave. I couldn’t even speak right then and Dennis grabbed the camera and got a picture.

A cast member came running and asked if we wanted a picture with him and of course the answer was yes. I was almost in tears right then, I had never felt more Disney Magic than I did at that moment. We were both blown away. The cast member got our picture and we waved at the diver again as he left. I think by this point I did have tears running down my face and was just in shock. Everyone in the restaurant was telling us congratulations and it was all I could do to shake my head thanks.

Our waiter came up and asked if we knew that it was coming and I looked up at him and shook my head no. He then asked who had arranged it for us because it had to be done special. Again we said we had no idea and I began wracking my brain as to who I had told about us eating there and when we were going to be there. The only name that came up was that of our travel agent since she had made the arrangements. The waiter had gone to ask the manager for us but he did not know either.

Our food arrived and I remember that it was delicious but I was still on cloud nine with the diver. As we were beginning to dig-in the diver appeared beside our table with the certificate and we talked for a few minutes. We told him how much we appreciated it and how magical it made our visit.”

What a wonderful memory – thank you for sharing Beth! Our understanding is that sadly you can no longer book a diver-relayed message for a special occasion but occasionally, you’ll see divers in the tank feeding fish and cleaning.