Trends We Love: Geek Wedding Cakes

The wedding and groom’s cakes are one way to really highlight a couple’s personality.  It seems that more and more couples are opting out of the traditional wedding cakes and really dorking out over things they love! This can especially be seen in the groom’s cake.  Hubs and I LOVE Transformers, so we went with this for the groom’s cake:

Obviously, I think our cake is the coolest, but here are some other great ideas found on the interwebs.  Enjoy!

Alien Wedding Cake, this one cracks me up!

Steampunk Wedding Cake (Confused? Google it!)

Scrabble Cake, complete with cute little sayings:

And for the Star Wars aficionados:


And, of course, a Disney Geek’s dream cake:

This is only a small sampling of awesome cakes out there.  Have you seen any fantastic, yet totally geeked out, wedding cakes?