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Entertainment: Major Domo

Disney World  and Disneyland offer a world of entertainment options for both your wedding ceremony or reception.  While entertainment is not necessary for your event, many couples decide to add a special touch to their event.  One of the fun entertainment options for the bride and groom is Major Domo.

Disney Fairytale Weddings website describes Major Domo as:

A Renaissance-costumed Major Domo will act as your ring bearer and carry your rings down the aisle in a glass slipper.

Please consult your wedding planner for current pricing. The last pricing we had started at $675 for a WDW wedding appearance. Major Domo is classified as a themed entertainer and is offered at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland events.

Major Domo can be used for a number of duties at your wedding.  He can serve as ring bearer during your ceremony and carry the rings in on a pillow and glass slipper.  Major Domo can announce you as Mr and Mrs for the first time at both your ceremony and reception.  Some couples use him as master of ceremonies at their receptions and have Major Domo announce the bridal party with paper scroll and all. He can add a formal flair to your event.

However, Major Domo is not all formal elegance, and may couples have him serve as a jokester at their event.  Couples have played a prank on their guests and made them think the rings were lost.  We have had brides at both parks use Major Domo at their event.

I used Major Domo at my 2006 wedding and it’s an addition that was well worth the money.  Our guests still talk about this moment to this day and it really added a funny spin on our wedding ceremony.  My husband and I, love playing jokes on people…all in good fun.  When we were planning and heard we could add a special prank on our family and friends, we had to.  Our lips were sealed for months on this and no one knew the secret.  During the ceremony, the officiant turned to our best man and asked for the rings……he looked concerned….I don’t have the rings!.  The look on our family and friends faces was absolutely priceless. we heard gasps, awkward giggles, and even had several offers from married couples to just use their rings. After a moment of panic the trumpets blasted on the Wedding Pavilion and opened the doors.  Major Domo came in in full regala….pillow in hand, glass slipper on top and rings in place.  Our guests smiled, clapped and stood for the moment.  They couldn’t believe what we had done.  Looking back, we just couldn’t be happier.  Major Domo also announced us outside the Wedding Pavilion and into our reception. I loved when he announced our first dance at our reception, as it really set the stage for the event.

– Sarah, 2006 bride

He is great for the “flow” of things…and a special Disney touch.  Things I liked-the surprised look on people’s faces when he came in at the ceremony. That he orchestrated things into the “first dance.”  Things I didn’t like-since Narcoossee’s doesn’t have that “you are now entering the reception” thing, we came into Narcoossee’s and then later were announced. Which was fine. But, I was bummed he didn’t also announce our wedding party. I should have worked that out with Michelle, but I just assumed she would have them all come to the front of the restaurant and be announced.

– Heidi

The following pictures are from the Major Domo from Disneyland and the experience of Disneymooner Debbie.

We didn’t have a ring bearer in our wedding party so we thought it would be fun to add a little bit of whimsy to our ceremony by having the Major Domo bring us our rings. As our guests arrived at the Rose Court Garden he stood at the entrance and greeted them. He was in character the entire time. When the time in the ceremony came for the ring exchange, he burst onto the scene! We had asked for a regal “serious” Major Domo, but apparently the message didn’t get passed along to him because we got the “comical” Major Domo in all his glory. He was sort of weaving down the aisle trying to ensure the glass slipper (with the rings in it) stayed on his pillow and was making all kinds of funny exclamations. My husband and I looked at each other and he muttered “what is he doing?” We both kinda laughed and shrugged it off. After delivering the rings to the best man with a flourish, the Major Domo walked back down the aisle. He fake cried the whole way and said something about “I can’t believe those crazy kids are all grown up and getting married.” Our guests thought the whole thing was great and no-one but the wedding party knew he was supposed to be serious and not funny. It was kind of a nice break in the ceremony and it got everyone laughing. We didn’t want the Major Domo to seem hokey, but if this was on the one major glitch of the day, it was no big deal!

Before we were announced into our reception, the Major Domo talked with our wedding party to learn how to pronounce their last names. He stood inside the doors of the Sequoia Ballroom and in a nice clear “royal” voice announced the members of our wedding party and then us. Our DJ could have done this but we thought it would be a nice touch to carry on our fairy tale theme. (It didn’t cost extra.)

We were pleasantly surprised when we received our wedding video and found that he had recorded a very cute (and funny) message for us. Including the Major Domo in our wedding day was definitely a bit of a splurge but it was fun and added to the ambiance we were trying to achieve.

Stay tuned for more entertainment features to come.  We would love to hear about the special touches you added to your wedding festivities.  Join us on The Disneymooner Forums

Featured Venue Fridays: Rose Court Garden at The Disneyland Hotel

This week’s Featured Venue post was written by Disneymooner Debbie. To read more about Debbie’s wedding please visit our Disneymooner Forums and read her recaps.

Ever dream of having a garden wedding in sunny Southern California?

If so, the Rose Court Garden is the perfect venue! It is located between the Adventure and Frontier towers at the Disneyland Hotel. Although the swimming area and water slide are a little behind it, the tall greenery around the garden and waterfalls behind it muffle the sound of families having fun in the pools. We didn’t hear a peep during our midday weekend wedding!

One thing I love about the Rose Court Garden is that it’s open and airy, but still private. It will work for a wedding with 25 guests or over 200! The large gazebo is the perfect backdrop for a ceremony. It’s so pretty that it doesn’t really need any decoration. Some brides opt to add some floral in their wedding colors to help tie in their overall theme. The garden itself isbeautiful all year long, whether or not the roses are in bloom. The bushes are very green and always expertly trimmed. The flowers in the bed at the back of the garden (the entrance) change seasonally but usually contain a bright pop of color. The only concern we had with this location was the possibility of rain. Fortunately Southern California doesn’t tend to have a lot of rainy days so this isn’t a huge issue unless you are planning a wedding in the winter months. Be sure to talk to your planner about backup locations just in case.

Logistically, the Rose Court Garden gazebo worked out really well for our ceremony vendors. Our harpist was able to set up on the pathway to the left of the gazebo. He was out of the way for photos but in the perfect spot for our music. And the pathway that runs around the gazebo was ideal for our photographer to run around and take pictures, but still be hidden from our guests. She got some great shots from different angles and most people didn’t even notice her!

There are several neighboring lawns nearby that are ideal for an outdoor cocktail reception. The garden is also close enough to the available reception locations that you will not have to worry about transporting guests from one location to another. Our guests loved the Cast member escorted stroll through Downtown Disney as they walked from the Rose Court Garden to our cocktail reception at the Grand Californian. (Note that if any of your guests are disabled and cannot make the walk, Disney will work with you to find a solution for them.)

I will never forget the feeling I had when my Dad walked me to the back of the garden and I got my first glimpse of all my loved ones gathered in that beautiful location. It was absolutely breathtaking. As my Dad walked me down the long aisle to my handsome prince it was just like being transported to our own special place. Talk about magical!!

For more information on Disneyland weddings visit the Disneymooner Forums.