A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moments: Heidi

Some of our Disneymooner Forum members have been sharing their favorite moments from their Disney Wedding. This week’s favorite moment was shared by Disneymooner Heidi, who had both an escape and a wishes wedding. To find out more about her events, join on the Disneymooner Forums.

For our Escape Wedding, I love this shot. It was so impromptu. We threw the whole thing together in a couple weeks, and it was such an awesome feeling to actually run away and get married at the most Fabulous Place on Earth.

At our Big Wedding, I had a similar feeling as the chimes sounded right before they opened the doors to the WP. I actually almost cried, and I was never in danger of that before.

But, I LOVED the feeling as we left the ceremony for the reception. The coach went from the WP right through the GF grounds all the way up to Narcoossee’s. We got so many looks along the way and little girls kept pointing and saying “Look! It’s Cinderella and Prince Charming!” It was so awesome!

Thank you for sharing Heidi.


Featured Venue Fridays: Sea Breeze Point

Sea Breeze Point is an open-air pavilion, that sits on the shores of Crescent Lake, and gives stunning views of Disney’s Boardwalk, Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts.

It is the only outdoor location that is completely covered and gives your guests excellent views of your wedding ceremony from all angles.  The venue can hold up to 80 guests which makes it an excellent choice for both Escape or Wishes Weddings.

The EPCOT resort area recaptures the 1940’s Boardwalk charm and is perfect for those couples who want to incorporate a beach or vintage theme into their wedding.

Imagine walking down a beautiful, breezy, wooden boardwalk instead of a traditional aisle on your wedding day. Perhaps you want to make a grand entrance in a horse- drawn carriage or a vintage car.

Many Brides choose Sea Breeze Point for its great location to many wonderful reception venues such as Atlantic Dance Hall, and the stunning Ballrooms at the Boardwalk Resort.

Here’s what Disneymooners are saying about Sea Breeze Point on our forums:

Along with the romantic vintage style of Sea Breeze Point, we loved how intimate the space feels.  All of our guests, who are most important people in our lives, will be seated in the gazebo during our ceremony and that will be very special.

– Kadie (planning bride 2013)

During our ceremony, a boat passing by beeped the horn, which you can hear in our video. Some couples might have an issue with that kind of thing. But I thought it was so cool!

– Meredith

When we got to Sea Breeze Point, my heart skipped a beat. It was beautiful. I think what really drew me in was the view from there. It was on the water and you saw the lighthouse and Atlantic Dance Hall in the background. Since we were having our reception at Atlantic Dance Hall, I loved the idea of our guests being able to see where we’d be celebrating later on.

– Marilyn

A Fairy Tale Focus: Kadie & Jerrick

Disneymooners: Can you tell our new members a little about the both of you?

Kadie: I am an ICU nurse and I’m also a flight nurse in the Air National Guard. Jerrick is a special education paraprofessional in a high school and a football and track coach. We met shortly after my return from a deployment in 2010. We were introduced through a mutual friend who thought we would get along well because we have a similar sense of humor. On our first date Jerrick and I realized we had something unusual in common. Being a football coach, he high fived me. I’ve never been high fived on a date. So I guess you can say it was love at first high five. 

Disneymooners: When did you first decide you wanted to have a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding and why?

Kadie: After Jerrick proposed we opened up a bottle of champagne that I had bought in France shortly before I met him. I had been waiting for a special occasion and now I had one! After we toasted and we were sipping our champagne he said with a smile, “Disney wedding?” I started to laugh and I confessed to him that I had been looking up information on DFTWs on my laptop but I would always clear my search history so when he was on it he wouldn’t see it. We had been talking about getting married in Florida and having a honeymoon at Disney but it just seemed so perfect for us to have our wedding and honeymoon at the same magical place. 

Disneymooners: Did you have any concerns about having a destination wedding? If so, what were they and how did you work them out?

Kadie: When we were calling our families to tell them we were engaged, one of my sisters and his sister both said, “will there be a Disney wedding?” It seemed like it was meant to be but we weren’t certain if the rest of our family would be able to afford a vacation plus all the expenses that go along with a wedding (attire, gifts, etc). We promptly made our guest list which comprised of immediate family only and talked about it with everyone we wanted to invite. They were all excited about it and particularly appreciated having a year to plan and save. 

Disneymooners: Any special reason why you chose your locations?

Kadie: We will have 18 people at our ceremony, including us, and we love the intimate feel of Sea Breeze Point. We also like the style of the Boardwalk and the view is incredible too. 

Disneymooners: Many brides pick a Top 3. These are components that are a non-negotiable. Chiavari chairs, lots of floral, lobster, etc. Tell us about your Top 3.

Kadie: 1. I would like a 45 minute cake/champagne reception instead of the usual 20-30 minutes for the Escape package

2. A non-Disney photography service for the ceremony

3. A dessert party in UK Lower or Morocco as a second choice

Disneymooners: Do you have any extra magical touches planned? Such as a dessert party or characters?

Kadie: We do have some surprises planned! We are having Mickey & Minnie attend our reception and we would like to have a dessert party at Epcot to end our fairy tale day. 

Disneymooners: How has your planning experience with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings been thus far?

Kadie: Since I’m an Escape bride I cannot officially book until 8 months prior but what contact I have had with DFTW has been very positive. 

Disneymooners: What would you say has been your biggest challenge?

Kadie: I love the simplicity of the Escape package but the planner and creative person in me wants to have fun with enhancements. After I received the initial Escape package paperwork from DFTW, it was challenging to find out more information and details about the enhancements and other options. Until, of course, I joined Disneymooners! When it’s time to book my wedding I will be fully prepared thanks to the Mooners. 

Disneymooners Budgets are very important to all of us. Do you have a favorite budget tip that you’ve used and can you tell how it’s helped you?

Kadie: I purchased Carrie Hayward’s e-book, PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons. The book has quite a bit of helpful information and it has a budget worksheet included. I had an idea of how much we would be spending on our fairy tale wedding but actually writing it down really has helped us focus on where we wanted our money to be spent. 

Disneymooners: Have you found it to be easy to plan a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding on your planned budget?

Kadie: The Escape package is certainly affordable especially when you compare it to what a more traditional wedding costs. However, we didn’t start with an exact budget in mind. We started with the Escape package because we knew we could afford that and then discussed if we could afford to add on a couple of enhancements. 

Disneymooners: Do you have any fun splurges planned for you trip that you’re excited about?

Kadie: We’re really excited about our character visit and dessert party on our wedding day. We are looking forward to seeing our guest’s faces when they see Mickey & Minnie arrive at our reception. And we know that none of our guests have seen Illuminations and that is such an incredible show. 

Disneymooners: You have a Planning Journal in progress on the forums; have you found that to be helpful in your journey?

Kadie: I have a planning organizer primarily to help me keep contracts and information about our wedding and hometown reception. It has been very helpful, however, to keep a planning journal online because my thoughts and ideas are all in one place and I have received great feedback and ideas from the other Disneymooners.

Disneymooners: What are you most looking forward to on the big day?

Kadie: First and foremost, I am looking forward to marrying my great love. I am also looking forward our families being together at the most magical place on earth! 

Disneymooners: Do you have anything else you’d like to share with our new members?

Kadie: Being a member of Disneymooners has been such a rewarding experience. I appreciate everyone’s advice and tips on creating a magical DFTW. I also enjoy the camaraderie that is among all the members.

Kadie, on behalf on all of us here, thank you for sharing your experiences. We are thrilled to have you as a part of our community and we wish you a beautiful wedding followed by a fairy tale life together! All the best ~ the Disneymooners