Trends We Love: LED Bouquet

Thinking of doing something a little different for your Disney Wedding?  Trying to figure out how to add a little flair to your bouquet?  How about adding lights to it!?!

A recent Disneyland bride had Disney Floral create her bouquet with LED lights, which added a soft glow to the gorgeous flowers.  This is a great idea for an evening ceremony or for taking your bouquet to a dessert party.  If your ceremony is in the middle of the day you could place your bouquet in a vase on your sweetheart table at the reception and turn the lights on while the ambient lighting is low.  Or possibly talk to your floral provider about lighting your centerpieces!  I love this idea!!


Photo by FlowersinLove

Thanks to our Disneyland Wedding Guru Debbie for this article.  To read more about  tips and trends to make your wedding stand out, please visit our Disneymooner Forums


Vendor Reveal: Charming Events

WELCOME to the next in our new series of “Vendor Reveals”.  Through our Disneymooner forums we’ve found our members have used a number and variety of Vendors for their Disney Wedding and we’ve been asking those Vendors to reveal just a little more about their business……. and themselves!

Our next Vendor Reveal falls to an “outside” floral, wedding decorator….

What is the name of your business/service and what is your offering?
Charming Events Decorating Services, Inc – We create a beautiful day for your wedding with fresh flower bouquets, dreamy ceremony décor, centerpieces, linens, lighting, and finishing touches – everything to make your day pretty!

What is your name? Emily

What makes your business/service unique?
We offer a unique service in that we are one stop shopping for all things flowers and décor. By combining different elements like flowers, linens, and candles, we can create an amazing ambiance that just one of these vendors individually couldn’t even imagine!! The result is comprehensive, clean, simple, beautiful, and often more affordable as well!

How did you get started and how long have you been doing this?
I think I’ve been doing this my whole life! I’ve always loved flowers and collected vases. In High School and beyond I worked in Theater creating sets and backdrops, and I have a degree in Media Production. So, I feel like I have spent most of my life preparing for this! I formally opened the doors to Charming Events after several girlfriends needed help with their weddings. I had so much fun, and I saw a need for someone in Orlando who could bring it all together! Now it is 11 years later, and I have had the privilege of decorating some of the best resorts in all of Florida for clients who clearly have a higher level of expectation and need…

When not working a wedding at Walt Disney World (or another venue for that matter) what are you doing?
I am the American Girl Extraordinaire!! When not producing weddings, or talking to new potential clients about their weddings, or running the other functions of the company, I lead a whirlwind life! But like a switch, that all turns off when I pick up my 2 boys from school and I spent the late afternoons and early evenings trying to harness the wonderful energy they produce! I also volunteer as the Hospitality Chair of Mothers of Preschoolers International, and serve on the PTA where I get to serve a greater role in my childrens’ educational experiences. I am also avidly into exercise, yoga, and healthy living, and I love to read books and travel. In my SPARE time, I have developed a new web application called where couples can actually design the elements of their wedding, and see how it looks before the big day! It really helps make those important decisions when it comes to style…

What is your favorite part about your job?
SECRET: The very last phase of production is the lighting of the votives. Usually at about the same time, the house staff lowers the lights, and the DJ starts to play, and sometimes, just sometimes, you can see a certain designer and her hubby stop to dance slowly across the floor before returning to work! That’s my favorite part!

What types of wedding packages do you offer Disney brides?
All of our packages are custom built depending on the needs of the couple. We go through bouquet choices, ideas for the ceremony, and centerpieces and reception. We are VERY familiar with Disney policy and procedure, and can assure you that in our 11 years of business at Disney, every single event has been a success.

What is your favorite wedding trend right now in relation to your business/service?
I love to see lighting play a greater part (although this is nothing new!!). So much emotion is brought to the ambiance through lighting. I love to see lots of candles and uplighting where appropriate, it’s illuminating!

What’s your favorite thing about doing Disney weddings?
Disney weddings are tough, I’m not going to lie. Their timelines are short and strict, and (most of) their coordinators would rather slap you with a ruler than be of any help. BUT… I do love Disney… and mostly I love my couples! Most of my Disney couples have an idea of the look they are going for, and they want it done right. Period. So, we are naturally on the same page.

What was your strangest request when working a Disney Wedding?
Strangest? So… many… to… choose… from!! Disney couples often have vivid imaginations and (like me) that’s what draws us back to Disney! So, yes there have been some very strange requests. The most unusual was to have her Bridal Bouquet actually in the shape of a Mickey head, but that you couldn’t really tell unless you looked closely… Challenge ON!

– Mickey Bouquet, Charming Events

What’s your most memorable moment that you have taken away from a Disney wedding?
Well, you asked for honesty right?? I had one last wedding to go before taking maternity leave with my first baby. And there I was in the Wedding Pavilion sprinkling the last petals on the aisle when I started having contractions! Full on huffing and puffing, red-faced, sprinkling petals, and not just throwing them, they have to be PERFECT!! I had absolutely no intention of going to the hospital, my water hadn’t even broken!! So I went right along, and finished the reception, with my nervous staff attentively by my side!! I’ll never forget THAT wedding!! J (It was beautiful btw!!) And the baby, well I guess I wore him out as he waited another MONTH before arriving!

JUST FOR FUN – we asked Emily to answer these questions

If you were getting married at WDW where would you have your ceremony and reception and why?
So many choices!! I love the grandeur of American Adventure at EPCOT. But they won’t let outside decorators in there anymore, so I doubt they even do it justice… I also love Sea Breeze Point, very pretty, but can get a bit windy. The Yacht Club gazebo is a lovely choice as well. For Receptions I really like the Boardwalk the best. I feel the facility is ‘fresher’ and more intimate than the Grand.

Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
Tinkerbell! She is awesome and can fly!

Which is your favorite Disney attraction and why?
When I first moved to Orlando, I worked at Epcot, so I think I am biased! My family still meets there every year at Christmas for the Candlelight Processional, and we enjoy showing our boys the educational programs they showcase.


Why should a member of our Disneymooner Forums choose your service?

Disney is great, I can’t knock them. But I do feel that they really drop the ball on design, making it more of a standardized process than an individual expression of your most special day! You already have a fantastic location, a fantastic designer can make it PERFECT for you, and super easy!! AND for less than Disney will charge you for their rehashed standards. Our record, reputation, and feedback all speak for themselves! Definitely check out our site for quality work…

Emily A. Walsh Ribeiro
Creative Director
Charming Events Decorating Services, Inc.
Winter Park, FL

Thanks to Emily, Charming Events for answering our questions as part of our Vendor Reveal series, if you would like your work revealed to our readers please contact

Keepsake Floral: A Disney Bride’s Review

I’m admitting right here, I wasn’t a bride that was that into floral.

I know that sounds like blasphemy, but I wanted to spend money on other areas. So naturally, I never thought I’d want to save my bridal bouquet and spend money on having it professionally preserved.  I made no plans prior to the big day and was completely content with letting the bouquet sit in the hotel room after the festivities and wilt away.

The morning of my wedding, Disney Floral delivered my bouquet to my room.   I opened the box, let out a giant sigh and fell instantly in love.

I looked up and said: “I need to have this preserved.”  It was a spur of the moment decision and one I still don’t regret.  So the day after the wedding my parents dropped off the bouquet at the Grand Floridian concierge desk and contacted Keepsake Floral.  Keepsake Floral works with Disney brides and will come and pick up your bouquet at your resort. Typically brides arrange this service prior to their wedding and the bouquet is taken away after the reception.

After the wedding, I worked with them to customize my shadow box and Keepsake got to work on my display.  Brides can keep their preserved floral simple with just their bouquet or add in many items from their wedding day. I added in my husband’s boutonniere and a favorite wedding image. While their services are not cheap, I felt that having my actually bouquet was worth every penny spent.  I was really pleased with the final results.

My shadow box is hung in our dining room and not a day goes by that I don’t glance at the flowers. This bride is very happy she made the last minute decision to create a keepsake I can cherish forever.

Many other Disneymooner brides have used Keepsake Floral and have shared their own reviews and photos.

Disneymooner Julie’s Keepsake Display

Disneymooner Carrie’s Keepsake Floral Display

Totally happy with the finished product. They were great to work with and you can have as many phone consults as you think you need.  And Disney did the hard part – getting the flowers to them after the reception.

– Carrie

Be sure to check out the forums to find out more about the experience and pricing.

Visit Keepsake Floral for details on their service.

Have you used this vendor?  Have you used another floral preservation vendor?  Share your experiences with us.