A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moment: Geneva

I remember practicing our first dance in the ballrooms over & over again every day until the wedding.

I remember enjoying that special walk with my dad.

I remember locking eyes on Stephen as I walked towards him on our wedding day.

I remember getting bombed smack dab between the eyes with a wad of petals from the pretty little petal bags I had so painstakingly stuffed by hand.

(I think my mom did it…just sayin’)

I remember waiting outside the ballroom to be “announced” at the reception.

I remember wondering where everyone went around 4pm…lol…seriously, I looked up & the party was over. We had a 10am wedding, so it was time, but it was still kind of a shocker.

I remember walking to Epcot from the Yacht Club en masse then though the park to our DP.

I remember being lucky enough to steal away on the way out for those coveted “bonus” shots and hearing people say we must be models shooting material for a Disney FTW commercial…my photographer was (& is) a total hottie, so it’s no wonder why people thought that…

How could I possibly pick one favorite moment?? LOL

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A Disney Bride’s Favorite Moment: Sam

Some of our Disneymooner Forum members have been sharing their favorite moments from their Disney Wedding

By Sam

FantasiaSam Favorite Disney Wedding Moment

I think I have found this to be one of the hardest questions to answer because it goes without saying that sharing the journey, the day and the celebrations with my family and friends made it a whole moment in itself however there’s one guy that was really responsible for giving me, personally, a kick out of the whole DFTW experience and he was my wedding planner.

He held me hand throughout the process and he was ultimately responsible for making me feel like I was THE most important person in WDW that day…. I felt like I had the Secret Service all around me with their mikes and earpieces – this photo below was taken by a member of the UK DIS who saw myself, my wedding planner and my BM’s from a distance waiting for the “go, go, go” by the other Wedding CM’s who were up at the Yacht Club Gazebo… it was such a “pee in my pants” moment

Featured Venue Fridays: Wedding Gazebo at Yacht Club

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My husband and I both enjoy being outdoors, so an outside ceremony made perfect sense. There were several options available which could easily accommodate our guest count and uminimalist theming. Disney’s Yacht Club, however, spoke to us in a way no other venue could.  There were several nearby reception & dessert party options. There was very little need, if any, for additional decoration.  The resort theme tied in our mutual love of the water and worked extremely well with our colors (navy blue, sage green, and stark white).  There were many photo-friendly locations as well.
One of the fabulous aspects of this venue is that you can dress it up or down according to your taste.  The gazebo looks amazing either way.  I’ve seen flower balls on Shepard’s hooks adorning the aisle.  You could put a swag of flowers across the entry.  You can dress up an altar table.  Use as much or as little floral as you want which can translate into big spending or savings as the case may be.  One item of note: we didn’t have a sand or candle ceremony component to our wedding, but it seems that you might want to do this on the lawn to the left or right of the gazebo or possibly use a slightly higher table or your guests might not be able to see what you’re doing.
You can have music, live on the lawn or using a CD player as we did.  Be sure to verify your disc(s) performance prior to the ceremony!  Be prepared to have strangers watch you as you marry your prince or princess, but don’t expect to notice until you watch your video.  🙂
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 “Disney’s Yacht Club, however, spoke to us in a way no other venue could.”
– Geneva
Image above from Disneymooner  and Owner Sam’s Yacht Club Gazebo Wedding.